During a recent interview with Eon Music, Snowy White revealed Roger Waters‘ strict attitude towards mistakes which he experienced while being a part of Pink Floyd’s 1980 ‘The Wall’ live production.

Snowy White first toured with Pink Floyd in 1977 and was then invited to play for them in 1980, when Pink Floyd was doing ‘The Wall‘ tour. It must have been a great experience as then, Snowy White then became Roger Waters’ longtime guitarist.

Having worked with Roger Waters for so long, obviously made Snowy White a great source of information of both the band and Roger’s work ethic. During his recent interview, White shared details of his experience tour with Pink Floyd during ‘The Wall’ and talked about their disciplined way of practicing and performing.

Snowy White said that it was different from anything else he had done and described how hard the band would work in order to improve their performance. White also shared how he felt while watching the production rehearsal and said that he knew immediately that it was good, that it was actually brilliant.

Here’s what Snowy White said when he was asked about his experience practicing and performing with Pink Floyd:

“I was the third dot from the left, depending on how far back you were! Well, it was obviously a bit different. We had seen the show because we stood out in the arena and we watched the whole thing when they were doing the production rehearsal.

They were trying everything with stuff that they’d recorded of ours the previous day, and then they’d play it and they did the whole show with it. So, we knew how good it was, because it was good – it was absolutely brilliant.”

In the interview, Snowy White expressed his fascination with the show as both a performer and a listener. He said that it was the only show that he was a part of which was so good that he told his friends that they need to come and watch it.

Here’s what Snowy White said:

“In fact, it’s the only show, really, that I’ve actually said to my friends, ‘You have to come and see this show!’ Normally, I wouldn’t say that, but it’s such a fantastic show.”

When it came to his personal experience as a guitarist, Snowy White revealed the stress and pressure that he felt as he was scared to make any mistakes because Roger Waters would be onto him.

This is what Snowy White said about Roger’s disciplined approach to making music:

“But obviously, when you’re on stage, you don’t really see much that’s going on. When I was on stage, I was just concentrating on not making any mistakes – Roger didn’t like mistakes!”

When the interviewer asked him to give more details about Roger’s work ethic and asked him if the famously grumpy Roger Waters is still that way, Snowy White jokingly said that he has already revealed enough. Even though Roger’s fans and followers always suspected that he is very serious about his job, hearing Snowy White’s claims definitely reaffirmed their thoughts.

Here’s what Snowy White said when the interviewer asked him about whether Roger Waters is a grumpy person:

My lips are sealed!”

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