Pink Floyd‘s legendary singer and bassist Roger Waters responded to the latest interview of the famous actor Mark Ruffalo about his support for the Palestinians and suggested Israeli clubs to be banned from international competitions.

As you may know, along with his legendary music career, Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters has been showing interest in the social and political issues around the world. He often shares his opinions on the unspoken subjects on social media platforms as well as during the interviews he appears.

Recently on Twitter, Roger Waters posted a tweet about the well-known Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo and his statements about Israel. In the video Roger reacted, Mark talked about how he felt like as an artist he had to speak up about the injustice in the world.

Here’s what Mark Ruffalo stated during the interview:

“For whatever reason, I have a love of justice. It really means something to me. And anywhere there’s injustice in the world, I think as an artist we have a responsibility to speak up about it.

My connection to Palestine came through Palestinians and hearing their stories and then watching this asymmetrical warfare being acted upon them and violence being acted upon them and who pays the price? It’s the citizenry … What I see there is wrong and I spoke out about it. “

Waters shared the video of Ruffalo’s interview and congratulated him for his courageous act. In his response, Roger also gave the example of South Africa and claimed that banning Israeli clubs from international games might make them end ‘apartheid and occupation.’

Here’s how Roger Waters reacted to Mark Ruffalo’s video:

“Bravo Mark! Also, I saw Israel played a soccer game against Scotland yesterday. Ban Israel and Israeli clubs from international competition until it ends apartheid and occupation. It worked with South Africa?”

You can see the tweet Roger Waters posted on his official Twitter account below.