Pink Floyd‘s official Instagram account recently posted a photo of David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera to celebrate the birthday of the second. In the caption, Manzanera was appreciated for his support and credited as one of the key people who contributed to the making of one of Pink Floyds most popular albums.

Pink Floyd is one of the most successful and famous bands of all time. The band is known for their incredible live shows, unique compositions, and quite frankly, the band members’ tumultuous relationship. As you know, Roger Waters left the band in 1985, and David Gilmour took the leadership position.

The Endless River‘ is Pink Floyd’s fifteenth studio album and it was released in November 2014. The album was the third one released after the departure of Waters and the first following the death of the keyboardist Richard Wright who is featured in the album posthumously. Gilmour had announced that this album would be the last one of Pink Floyd, and to this day, there are no rumors about an upcoming album by the legendary band.

‘The Endless River’ was a huge success and was highly appreciated by both fans and critics. It came to be known as the most preordered album of all time on Amazon UK and it also ranked at Number 1 in numerous countries. The album comprises both instrumental and ambient music taken from the recording of the band’s previous album, ‘The Division Bell.’ Gilmour also recorded some additional material for the album in 2013 and 2014.

This successful album was produced by Phil Manzanera, Andy Jackson, David Gilmour, and Youth. With their recent Instagram account, Pink Floyd appreciated the talented musician and record producer Manzanera’s efforts in the making of this unforgettable album and celebrated his birthday. The caption also revealed that Manzanera has been collaborating with Gilmour for years on various projects.

Here’s what Pink Floyd said in the caption of their Instagram post:

Many happy returns to Phil Manzanera, who celebrates his birthday today. Phil, of course, was a key person behind Floyd’s ‘The Endless River,’ as well as being a long-term collaborator with David Gilmour on various projects. Here’s Phil with David. [Pic: Polly Samson]”

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