Former Pink Floyd co-founder and bassist Roger Waters recently posted a photo with John Prine on his Instagram account and announced that they recently had a long conversation in the ‘Prine Time Podcast’ during which they talked about numerous issues including recording outside a studio and the recent political events.

As you know, Roger Waters is highly active on social media and he often enjoys using his Instagram and Twitter accounts to express his social and political views, announce his latest projects, inform his fans about any interviews that he has given, and interact with his followers.

Even though Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985, he continued working on his solo career. Thus, as an active rockstar, his views on how the recording processes have changed and whether recording at home makes sense, are obviously very valuable. Besides his rock career, Waters is also known for his political activism which was another topic that he explored in his recent interview.

In the caption of his recent Instagram post, Waters announced that was the guest of the ‘Prine Time Podcast’ during which he talked about recording at home, his music career, his longtime friendship with Prine, and of course his political views considering the latest events in the United States.

Here’s what Roger Waters said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“From Prine Time Podcast: New Prine Time today! In the special episode, Billy talks with Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters. They discuss ‘lockdown recording at home,’ Roger’s special friendship and memories with John, thoughts on the recent political events in the US, and ‘the elephant in the room.’ They conclude with a fascinating discussion on humanity and how we are all affected by recent world events.

Link in bio! 🎧”

Click here to check out the photo that Roger Waters posted on his Instagram account and here to listen to the podcast.