Former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason spoke to The Coda Collection’s Jim DeRogatis to reveal the truth behind Roger Waters’ words about his ex-bandmates, David Gilmour and Rick Wright.

As you might know, although Pink Floyd became one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands, they went through some line-up changes due to personal problems and the power struggle between Roger Waters and David Gilmour.

Both Waters and Gilmour wanted to determine Pink Floyd’s artistic direction, so it caused many problems between them. Also, in one of his previous interviews, Waters drew attention to this tension by revealing that he was bullied by Gilmour and Wright, who thought that he was tone-deaf and an insignificant person.

However, Nick Mason denied Waters’ claims about Gilmour and Wright’s behavior toward him, saying that they were nice to their bandmate but just had different views about art and music. Mason highlighted that it was impossible to bully someone like Roger Waters.

Mason said in his interview that:

“I’m slightly flabbergasted by it but I think that’s a slightly over-emotional way of putting that there was some sort of division within the band about.

Because Roger was always looking beyond the music, in a way. I think it was artificial, but I think possibly there was the side that wanted to do inflatables and films, as well as music, and those who just wanted to do music. However, I don’t think they were mean to him, particularly. It’s hard to imagine being mean to Roger. Stalin was the bullied.”

You can watch the interview below.