In a new interview with the Telegraph, Pink Floyd‘s legendary drummer Nick Mason talked about the time when he and his original bandmates played a combination of psychedelic music and reggae which was not liked by the audience at all.

The drummer and co-founder of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason has been working on the projects of his band, Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets since 2018. Mason’s band has been performing Pink Floyd’s early psychedelic material with the contributions of former Blockheads guitarist Lee Harris, bassist and Pink Floyd collaborator Guy Pratt, vocalist and guitarist Gary Kemp, and keyboardist Dom Beken. Earlier this month, they released a live album and film named ‘Live at the Roundhouse.’

Recently, Nick Mason made an appearance on an interview with the Telegraph and talked about the time when he and his bandmates Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Syd Barrett played a combination of psychedelic music and reggae back in the 1960s.

During the interview, Mason mentioned he still couldn’t understand how they ended up with doing such ‘free experimentation‘ and continued:

“I still don’t quite understand how we got to that point of such free experimentation. We thought of ourselves as an R’n’B band, playing hits. It was just a bit of fun. We were floundering around. We wanted to be a pop group. We wanted to meet girls and have a wild time and be famous.”

Furthermore, the talented drummer revealed that the audience hated the old psychedelic music and reggae they played and even booed them during the live performances. He also stated they were quite bad at playing reggae and added:

“I think we jumped on the bandwagon. All of those A&R guys at record companies were searching for the next big thing, and it looked like it was a toss-up between psychedelic music and reggae. And you should hear us play reggae. So, so bad.

The interesting thing is how unpopular we were with our funny old psychedelic music. We used to go up north and the crowds would boo. They hated us. I can’t understand why we didn’t just fold it there and then.”

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