During a recent interview with Eonmusic, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason talked about possible reunion for the band. He mention about the war between David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

Interviewer asked:

“Given that Richard Wright has now passed, do you think that that was the right way to end things for Pink Floyd, with the four of you back on stage one last time?”

Nick responded:

“Yeah, I always said that I think in some ways it was one of the best gigs we ever did, just because everyone knew about the fact that there was a sort of war going on [between Roger Waters and David Gilmour], and yet everyone was able to go; “do you know what, this is more important than differences of opinion, the band, or music, or whatever”. And I think it was a sort of lovely example of being grown up.”

He also talked about the importance of Sid Barrett for Pink Floyd history, and said:

“Oh, it’s very important, because what I tend to say is, without Syd, we wouldn’t have got there. It would never have taken off, or if it had taken off, it would have taken off in a different way.

The interesting thing is, you see the clip in the film [broadcast at the awards], and we’re playing ‘Astronomy Domine’, and David is, actually he’s not singing, he’s miming to Syd’s version. So that was quite a difficult transition, really.”

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