Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason spoke in an interview with SiriusXM, and revealed the untold story about legendary Pink Floyd singer Syd Barrett.

Interviewer asked:

“Is that story about him (Syd Barrett) turning up in the control room on [1975’s] ‘Wish You Were Here’ session – was that true?”

Nick responded:

“It’s absolutely true. But the interesting thing is that everyone has a slightly different memory of it.

In fact, David’s guitar tech put quite a lot of effort in trying to ascertain exactly what happened and when because it appears that he came on two occasions, but no one can quite remember what happened apart from him arriving and being in the studio for a while or in the control room and then leaving again.”

He continued:

“Shocking is the word. I mean, I’d be doing something in the studio and when I came to the control room there was this large, odd-looking guy and I absolutely didn’t recognize him.

It actually took David to say, ‘Nick, do you know who this is? It’s Syd.’ It sort of made sense, but I don’t know, shocking is the word.”

Interviewer said:

“Syd Barret was writing most of the material, so when things went wrong for him and you realized that you can’t continue on with him, did the band panic?”

Nick responded:

“No, we didn’t. My take on it was slightly different. Life has become so difficult with Syd and we were still committed to wanting to perform and wanting to do something.

“Frankly, it was a relief when Syd had gone, and even though we didn’t have any new material, even though we’ve lost our main man, the introduction of David was enough to keep us afloat. And in fact, we did plenty of videos and singles in the next six months.”

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