In an interview with Rolling Stone, the bass player Guy Pratt talked about his experience of working with Pink Floyd and initiated a discussion among the fans by claiming David Gilmour played half the bass of the band’s records.

As you might remember, the iconic members of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters have been in a long going dispute since Roger’s departure from the band in 1985. Since then the two have been arguing about the ownership of the band’s name and social media accounts.

The British bassist Guy Pratt joined an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and talked about his experience of working with Pink Floyd after Roger Waters’ departure. During the interview, Pratt shared the details of his first performance with the band and opened up about whether he had any fears of being rejected by the fans.

Here’s what Guy Pratt stated regarding his concerns about performing with Pink Floyd:

“Not really. The only person in Pink Floyd that had any sort of public profile at all was David. That’s because David was always going and playing on other people’s records. People that know Pink Floyd only in these past 30 years will be much more aware of who is in the band than people back then. They were Pink Floyd. That was it.

Furthermore, Pratt mentioned the fact that he had no intention of replacing Roger Waters. He also made a statement that initiated a discussion among the fans claiming David Gilmour was the one who played half the bass on Pink Floyd songs and continued:

“I never had any thought that I was replacing Roger. David played half the bass on those records and I never thought of Roger as a bass player. He was this sort of grand conceptualist.

I used to think it was funny when people said it as a compliment, ‘You’re as good a bass player as Roger Waters.’ It was like, ‘Well, thanks. I think I’d rather write The Wall.'”

Recently, on a blog named The Gear Page, a Pink Floyd fan started a conversation related to Guy Pratt’s statements about David Gilmour’s contribution to the band’s songs and received many various responses from the fans. Some of them agreed with Pratt claiming Gilmour played bass on half of Pink Floyd recordings, while some of the fans stated the amount might have been exaggerated.

One of the users nicknamed named PatrickE_FenderADV stated:

Half might be a bit much, but it was a lot… Definitely, anything that was fretless.”

Another user nicknamed fishleehooker wrote:

“I didn’t know that and I suspect its highly possible. When Roger worked with Clapton he was very wary of his limitations in playing, to which Eric told him he was great. So I always figured that Roger put so much energy into being domineering to David that David would have to fight back the only way he knew how and that would be with breathtaking musical skills.”

A Pink Floyd fan nicknamed TubeStack also added:

“It makes sense. There is video footage of Gilmour tuning Waters’ bass for him on stage. (Waters still has the bass on himself, but Gilmour reaches over and tunes it for him.)”

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