Pink Floyd‘s official Instagram account recently posted a photo of the first ‘The Wall’ concert backstage pass and asked their fans whether they remember why they had to stop the concert for a bit.

There is no doubt that Pink Floyd is one of the most well-known and successful bands of all time. They are known for their unique and outstanding live performances, extraordinary compositions, and of course the drama between the band members. As you know, Roger Waters left the band in 1985, and after that David Gilmour took the leadership position.

However, before that, the band had some really good times, and they produced one of the most famous albums all around the world, ‘The Wall.’ The first show of the album took place on February 7, 1980, and it has been one of the most memorable performances in the rock scene, to this day.

The concert took place at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, and there was a giant wall erected on stage and the band played behind it. This wall was a metaphor connected to the theme of the album, as it is a rock opera that explores a weary rockstar whose self-imposed isolation from society has led him to build a figurative wall.

The wall that was erected on stage also symbolized the alienation that the band felt between them and the audience. Roger Waters got this feeling when the band toured in 1977 during which he observed that there was no real connection between the music and artistry that the band created and the massive audience that came to their concerts.

Recently, the official Instagram page of Pink Floyd reminded their fans of the band’s first ‘The Wall’ concert during which there was a temporary halt. In the caption, they asked the fans whether they remember why they needed to stop briefly and thousands of fans were ready to respond. As it turns out there was a small fire on the erected wall which was apparently ‘not an expected special effect for the show.’

Here’s what Pink Floyd said in the caption of their Instagram post:

41 years ago today, the first of Pink Floyd’s Wall concerts took place at the Los Angeles Sports Arena…do you know what happened to cause a temporary halt to the show?”

To which a fan responded:

FIRE!!! Roger announced to the audience.

‘Ok hold it. stop everybody.’ The fire is not an expected special effect for the show. We have to stop for a few minutes while it is being put out. Then, we will resume the show. Please stay seated. Thank you.”

And another fan said:

“I remember that Roger lit a joint and shared it with us (?!) in the audience. Memorable night”

Click here to check out the photo that Pink Floyd posted on their Instagram account and you can watch ‘The Wall‘ concert that took place in July 1990 in Berlin below.