Pink Floyd’s legendary member David Gilmour’s lovely wife Polly Samson has shared a recent photo of David on her official Instagram account.

While they were hanging out on the museum with their cute dog, Polly secretly took the picture of David. As you can see in the frame, he looks older than he is but yet, he is still so cool.

As a Pink Floyd fan, I was so upset to see David Gilmour (73) experienced a weight loss and additionally, I read a couple of comments from the fans that also think the same way as me.

Here is what Polly wrote:

“Good boys didn’t break any of the beautiful things.”

A fan user named saturnv_1969 commented:

I was playing Shine On You Crazy Diamond on my guitar when you posted this 💕👍”

Another fan named tinaehrstein said this:

“I can’t believe they let the pup in! That’s too cool of them 😊❤️”

You can check the post below.