Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour‘s wife Polly Samson posted the photo of a woman and a man named ‘Sarah and John‘ which resulted in a discussion among the fans whether she was David’s daughter Sarah or not.

Pink Floyd‘s guitarist and co-lead vocalist David Gilmour has been married to the novelist Polly Samson for more than 28 years now. The couple has four children, Charlie, Joe, Gabriel, and Romany. However, before his marriage with Polly, David was married to Virginia Hasenbein and he had four children from his first marriage, Alice, Clare, Sara, and Matthew.

Recently on Instagram, Polly Samson, who also has an interest in photography, a photo of a woman and a man walking around nature and enjoying a nice day outside. On the caption of her post, Polly simply wrote ‘John and Sarah‘ without giving any further information about the identities of the two.

In the comment section, the fans shared various comments wondering whether the woman on the picture was David Gilmour’s 37-year-old daughter Sarah or not. Moreover, some of them wanted to know if she was actually Sarah, who was the mysterious man named John next to her and they made some guesses.

An Instagram follower named Lorraine Pierre asked:

“Who is the man with Sarah?💕

Another follower named Viviane Antonio also wondered:

Who is John?

A fan named Alexey suggested:

John and Sarah Connor? 😁

You can see the photo Polly Samson posted on her Instagram account below.

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John and Sarah

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