During an appearance on Let’s Talk It Over, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters talked about football and joked about Eric Cantona, who played the trumpet in his movie ‘Looking For Eric.’

As seen in some of the old photos that have been posted online, which show the frontman playing football and considering the lyrics of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ which say ‘Four-star caviar daydream / Think I’ll buy me a football team,’ it can be said that Roger Waters quite interested in football.

Eric Cantona, the former iconic footballer Roger Waters mentioned during Let’s Talk It Over, has played for several teams and concluded his career at Manchester United. Winning several titles and league championships, Eric Cantona is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of his generation.

Known as ‘King Eric’ for Manchester United fans, Cantona pursued a career in cinema after his retirement from football. He starred in a film titled ‘Looking For Eric’ in 2009 in which he helps a football fanatic achieve his dreams by coaching him, and plays the trumpet in an awful way.

Speaking to Let’s Talk It Over, Roger Waters talked about football and Eric Cantona, recalling the time the footballer played the trumpet in the aforementioned film. He said that he adores Eric Cantona, especially for his bad trumpet playing in the movie. Saying he played the instrument really badly, Waters then claimed that he felt an extraordinary bond of brotherhood with Cantona upon seeing that scene. After revealing his deep feelings about Cantona, Roger then jokingly added that he wishes he was queer.

Roger Waters said in the show that:

I adore Eric Cantona, if for nothing else, for his really bad trumpet playing in ‘Looking For Eric’. Really badly. So I really felt an extraordinary bond of brotherhood with Eric Cantona when he was playing the trumpet in that movie. Eric, oh my God. If only I was queer. Oh, Christ, you’re not allowed to say queer.”

You can check out the part where Roger Walters talks about Eric Cantona below.