The co-founder, ex-vocalist, and bassist of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters has taken Twitter to show who he’s supporting in the presidential election of the US while calling one of the candidates a charade and a man who got no balls.

The legendary British musician, Roger Waters, has been one of the greatest supporters of the people who were exposed to the political and social injustice of their government by pointing out their issues on social media to raise awareness.

As you may recall, Waters took a very meaningful video message to support the people of Chile on the eve of the momentous occasion of a National Referendum and spoke Spanish for them a few days back.

Since the most crucial day for the future of America has finally come, British legend has appeared on Twitter with posts that display his side in the election clearly. First, he shared a photo taken by his tour photographer, Kate Izor, capturing a banner calling Donald Trump a charade.

Right after that, Waters came with an even harsher post targetting Trump. He shared a video of his dog, Sweet Georgia Brown, biting a Donald Trump doll. Waters said his dog did some research on one of the candidates and discovers he’s got no balls.

Here’s what Roger Waters said in his former Twitter post:

“Kate Izor.”

After that, he posted the video of his dog and said:

Our puppy, Sweet Georgia Brown, does some research on one of the candidates and discovers he’s got no balls.”

You can see the tweets below.