The official Instagram page of the British rock band, Pink Floyd, has commemorated the original frontman and the co-founder of the band, Syd Barrett, by recalling two of his compilations and asking the fans which one is their favorite.

The Instagram team of the legendary band has been coming up with some special material, including the unseen throwback pictures of the band members and little-known facts about their landmark albums.

In the most recent post of the account, the genius musician Syd Barrett has been mourned while two of his great albums, ‘Opel,’ and ‘An Introduction to Syd Barrett,’ have been praised both by the fans and the administration team of the page.

It was stated in the post that these two albums of Barrett were released in October, the former one in 1988 and the later one in 2010, as a posthumous project. The team wanted to conclude this weekend by celebrating the masterpieces of the legend and asked the fans which one is their favorite and why.

Opel‘ is a 1988 album compiled from recordings made by Barrett between 1968 and 1970. The album is a compilation of unreleased material and alternate takes of recordings from sessions for Syd Barrett’s solo albums, ‘The Madcap Laughs,’ and ‘Barrett.’

An Introduction to Syd Barrett‘ is a best-of compilation spanning the period 1967–1970, including both materials written during his time with Pink Floyd and his post-band solo career. The album was released in the UK and Europe on 4 October 2010, with different release dates for the rest of the world.

Here’s what was said in the latest Instagram post of Pink Floyd:

“Let’s celebrate the music of Syd Barrett to conclude this weekend… Two Syd compilations were released in October: 1988 saw Opel appear, and 2010, An Introduction To Syd Barrett came out. Which is your favourite and why?”

You can see the post below.