The co-founder and former vocalist of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters has announced a significant global event, which is headed by several activists and lawyers for the freedom of Steven Donziger, and teamed up with the iconic British singer Sting for the good cause.

The legendary musician Roger Waters has recently turned into a savior figure for the oppressed people or societies who have been exposed to the social and political injustices of their governments.

As you may remember, he has lately stood against one of the biggest problems of the period, police brutality, with a critical statement he made on Twitter.

Most recently, Waters has come up with a major project he took part in with Sting for the attorney, who is currently under house arrest awaiting trial on charges of contempt of court for his environmental acts.

Roger Waters has shown that he wants the freedom of Steven Donziger, along with lots of names, with the ‘Free Steven Donziger’ project. As you may know, Donziger has spent much of his professional life helping Indigenous peoples and local communities in Ecuador win a historic $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron for the deliberate dumping of cancer-causing oil waste into the Amazon.

As part of a vicious retaliation campaign, Chevron has attacked the attorney for 10 years using hundreds of lawyers with the goal of blocking his advocacy, bankrupting his family, and frightening off activists and environmental allies.

As the only person in pre-trial detention in the entire country on a misdemeanor charge, Steven Donziger asked for financial support with this project to meet this challenge.

On the website of the campaign, Donziger stated that he has now been detained without trial for more than four times the longest sentence ever imposed on a lawyer convicted of the same charge.

The judge has denied him a jury, let a for-profit Chevron law firm prosecute him, and now has removed his two lead lawyers from the case on the eve of a trial scheduled for November 3. The outcome of this case is critical not just for Donziger and his family but also for the larger global struggle for environmental justice and indigenous rights.

Here’s what Roger Waters said in his recent Instagram post:

“Today. Free Steven Donziger.”

You can see the post below and check out the website of the campaign here.