In a recent interview made by Eon Music, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has shared an interesting claim about David Gilmour and the original singer of the band, Syd Barrett.

While talking about a Pink Floyd song named ‘Astronomy Domine,’ Nick Mason claimed that David Gilmour was not singing that song, he was just miming to Syd’s version.

The interviewer asked the importance of Syd Barrett, and Nick responded:

“Oh, it’s very important, because what I tend to say is, without Syd, we wouldn’t have got there. It would never have taken off, or if it had taken off, it would have taken off in a different way.

The interesting thing is, you see the clip in the film [broadcast at the awards], and we’re playing ‘Astronomy Domine’, and David is, actually he’s not singing, he’s miming to Syd’s version. So that was quite a difficult transition, really.”

During one of the recent interviews, David Gilmour shared his thoughts on Syd Barrett by saying:

“I was 21, and one is fairly ambitious. You want to get on with stuff. That sort of offer is a very hard one to turn down. And, logically speaking, it wasn’t working. Syd was not performing at all on stage. It was kind of tragic.

I don’t suppose I saw any option, but to just do the best that I could. I’m sure we were all full of some sort of guilt and remained that way for a long time.”

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