Iconic progressive rock band Pink Floyd has shared a rare banner of one of their US tour in 1967 and revealed a little-known truth about the backstory of that tour.

With that social media post, Pink Floyd has revealed how they were forced to cancel some of their shows in 1967, because of the tough work permit protocol of United States of America.

Here is what they wrote about it:

Due to delayed work permits for their first US tour, #PinkFloyd were forced to cancel a number of shows there in late October/early November 1967.

But we’re able to play the final night’s show at the #Winterland Auditorium advertised on this poster.”

A fan named Adeline commented:

“Such a good band. I also just got a thing called Alexa and I listen to Pink Floyd ALOT! So It’s great : )”

Another fan named Ophelia said:

“I heard a few of the boys got the clap early on in the tour and had to fly home to see their doctor. That could just be an urban legend though.”

You can see Pink Floyd’s post below.