Legendary band Pink Floyd‘s former bassist and co-lead vocalist Roger Waters had a lot to say about another band member, David Gilmour, after releasing a video of himself singing ‘Mother’ in isolation.

Roger Waters shared a public announcement video after himself singing ‘Mother’, saying:

“Why is this [“Mother”] video not available on a website that calls itself the Pink Floyd website? Well the answer to that is because nothing from me is on the website. I am banned by David Gilmour from the website.”

Waters said that the surviving band members got together last year and he was the one suggesting that all band members should have equal access to share their own works on the official Pink Floyd website.

Waters resents David Gilmour saying:

“David thinks he owns it. I think he thinks that because I left the band in 1985 that he owns Pink Floyd, that he is Pink Floyd… That I should just keep my mouth shut.”

Although he seemed to be bitter about the situation he continued saying:

“I’m not gonna get all weird and sarcastic, though as you know that is a direction in which I am known to sometimes lean temperamentally.”

He does not forget to thank his fans toward the end of the video:

“Thank you again for all your love and warm feelings sending about Mother. Stay safe all of you. We live in dire, dire, desperate times.”

You can click here for the source and watch the full video of Roger Waters’ announcement below.


An announcement from me. And when I mention the Pink Floyd website, I also mean the Facebook page and all the rest.

Gepostet von Roger Waters am Montag, 18. Mai 2020