A wonderful memory about a show of the Pink Floyd from the year 1967 was shared on the official Instagram page of the band, and the fans recalled the former legendary vocalist Syd Barrett.

Fourteen years have passed since the sorrowful death of co-founder and vocalist of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett. As the time has come to his death anniversary, the group’s page posted an old photograph when David Gilmour was not in the band, and Syd Barrett was the vocalist.

With a picture taken in 1967, when the band was performing the song, ‘See Emily Play‘, for the first of three times within the month, the official Instagram account of Pink Floyd set off the fans emotionally.

Here is what was said as the caption of the Instagram post of Pink Floyd:

“On this day in 1967, Pink Floyd appeared on the BBC TV show, Top Of The Pops, in the UK, performing See Emily Play for the first of three times that month.

The performance shot at the BBC Lime Grove Studios in Shepherd’s Bush was lost for many years, with only pictures like this to indicate what it was like.

In late 2009, a videotape with a home recording of the band on Top Of The Pops was uncovered, in terrible quality, but gives a great flavor of what it would have been like…”

Some of the fans said in the comment section of the post:

“I’m very inspired by Syd. Not sure why. He’s magical.”

Another Pink Floyd fan wrote this as a comment:

“Syd has captivated me and inspired me with his music and presence in my own songwriting…

What a strange and haunting mind, but I thank him for his songs and art.”

You can see the band’s post below.