The official Instagram page of the British progressive rock band, Pink Floyd has posted a happy birthday message to Ron Geesin, the famous musician and composer who is well known for his collaborations with the band and David Gilmour.

In their latest post, the Instagram team of Pink Floyd has honored the band’s longtime collaborator Ron Geesin, also known as the man who has thought a significant amount of techniques about music production to the co-lead vocalist of the band, David Gilmour.

In 1970, when Pink Floyd got in trouble with completing the title track from their fifth studio album, ‘Atom Heart Mother,’ Geesin lent a hand to them as an orchestrator and organizer. He also collaborated with Roger Waters on the film soundtrack ‘Music From The Body.’

In 2008, the composer recreated ‘Atom Heart Mother’ live on stage featuring brass, choir, and cello. The song was extended to 35 minutes on this special show at the Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, London. Gilmour took part in the second performance of the track.

Here’s what was said in the recent Instagram post of Pink Floyd:

“A very happy birthday to Ron Geesin, co-composer with Pink Floyd of the ‘Atom Heart Mother’ suite (performed again in 2008 with David Gilmour on stage in London), and who worked with Roger Waters on ‘Music From The Body’ (as well as with the rest of the Floyd for the final track).”

You can see the post and the first live performance of ‘Atom Heart Mother’ below.