Pink Floyd‘s official Instagram account recently posted a series of the band’s photos starting from 1968, with all its members including, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett, and wished their fans a Merry Christmas.

Pink Floyd is one of the most successful and famous bands of all time, known for their incredible live shows, their unique compositions, and the band members’ tumultuous relationship.

Recently, a series of photos of Pink Floyd’s history was posted on the band’s official Instagram account. The first photo is from the cover of Fabulous Magazine which was published on January 13, 1968. The photo features Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Syd Barret, and Richard Wright who can be seen eating a birthday cake to celebrate the magazine’s birthday.

The article inside the magazine, which was headlined ‘Born Psychadelic,’ talked about the up-and-becoming band and their unique style of rock music. This photo is of high importance as it features Syd Barrett whose career in Pink Floyd was short-lived. Even though Barrett was one of the co-founders of Pink Floyd in 1965, he was ousted from the band in 1968 due to excessive use of drugs.

The second photo features Richard Wright, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason is from a photoshoot done for the band’s most successful album ‘The Wall‘ and the photo was probably taken in 1979. The growing tensions in the band eventually led Wright to leave the band in 1979 and Waters in 1985. However, Wright rejoined Gilmour and Mason a couple of years after Waters’s decision to leave.

As you know, ‘The Wall’ is the eleventh studio album of Pink Floyd and is a rock opera that explores the concept of a jaded rockstar, Pink, who decides to build a figurative wall between himself and society. During the recording of this album, the members did not meet in the studio to watch each other practice and perform as there were growing tensions.

Even though the album achieved worldwide critical acclaim, this was not enough for Wright who left soon after that. Thus, it should not be surprising that all four members in the photo are looking in different directions and there’s no sense of camaraderie between them.

Finally, the last photo features Richard Wright, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason from 1994, when Pink Floyd released their highly anticipated ‘The Division Bell.’ It seems like, with this photo, Pink Floyd wanted to pay tribute to their talented keyboardist and vocalist Wright who passed away on September 15, 2008, due to lung cancer. In the photo, all three rockstars seem to be comfortable and enjoying each other’s company.

These photos were a feast for the eyes of Pink Floyd fans who were reminded of the successful and tumultuous career that Pink Floyd has had. Also, Roger Waters fans appreciated the fact that Pink Floyd’s official Instagram account posted a photo including him because as you probably know, Water had previously stated that Gilmour runs Pink Floyd’s social media accounts and has banned him from them.

Here’s what the caption of the photo posted by Pink Floyd said:

“Merry Christmas to you all! These photos show the band from 1967 onwards…”

You can check out the photos posted by Pink Floyd’s official Instagram account and the cover of Fabulous magazine below.

Photo Credit – Pinterest