In September 2019, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has unveiled that there is a war that going on between David Gilmour and Roger Waters, during the interview with Eonmusic. You can read the article by clicking here.

Here is what Nick Mason said:

“Yeah, I always said that I think in some ways it was one of the best gigs we ever did, just because everyone knew about the fact that there was a sort of war going on [between Roger Waters and David Gilmour], and yet everyone was able to go; “do you know what, this is more important than differences of opinion, the band, or music, or whatever”. And I think it was a sort of lovely example of being grown up.”

After a month, during an interview with the Rolling Stone, Roger Waters stated that he tried to make peace with Davil Gilmour but David rejected him in a brutal way.

Here is what Roger Waters said:

“I wish he’d let me advertise this movie [‘Us + Them’] on the Pink Floyd website. It’s not allowed. He censored it, and I’m not allowed to announce anything on it.”

Today, the official Instagram account of Pink Floyd has shared a photo of Roger Waters and David Gilmour while they were playing backgammon and in this way, they revealed that the rivalry between Roger and David has started a long time ago.

Here is what Pink Floyd wrote:

“Life on the road – particularly on long tours – can be a good time to brush up on backgammon…”

You can check the post below.