David Gilmour’s lovely wife and almost 100K followed Instagram phenomenon, also successful writer/photographer, Polly Samson, has shared a new post on social media and shared David’s latest frame with followers.

While David himself has posted the latest Instagram post back on July 3 and he’s not a die-hard Instagram user, we are getting the fresh content from the Pink Floyd legend by checking out Polly Samson’s posts.

Today, Polly has shared a bunch of new photos of David on her page and showed how happy she’s hanging out in a far away from the city life.

As you will check out the photos that David’s beloved wife Polly Samson has shared, it seems that David Gilmour is enjoying his days with choosing to look like a random man having great times with his lovely dogs.

These special images of David got over 5K likes and a bunch of positive comments in a really short time.

Here is what Polly has simply written on the caption:

Out with my pack tonight.”

We have to add that there’s no clear information that if David retired or not but, two years ago, he wrote on Twitter that he’s not retired from music, and there are no plans for a studio album or tour.

“I have no immediate plans for an album or a tour, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve retired.”

It seems like Pink Floyd fans are really glad to see new photos of David. An Instagram user named FloydianKismet commented:

“I love the photo of David with the DSOTM prism around his head. 🎸”

You can check out the photo collection of David Gilmour right below.

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Out with my pack tonight.

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