Pink Floyd’s singer David Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson, posted a photo on her Instagram account and surprised her fans and followers with some holiday-special news considering her latest novel called ‘A Theatre for Dreamers.’

Polly Samson is a highly famous English novelist, lyricist, and journalist who published yet another novel in April. As you may know, Polly Samson is the successful lyricist behind many of both Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s successful songs.

She has published five novels to this day, and her novel ‘A Theatre for Dreamers’ was declared ‘The Sunday Times Bestseller.’ It seems like with the holidays approaching, a lot of people contacted Polly Samson, asking her how they could get dedicated copies for their loved ones.

In her latest Instagram post, Polly Samson announced that Lutyens & Rubinstein Bookshop has created a webpage through which her readers can order a dedicated copy, including their preferred message.

Her book seems to be so interesting that even the two dogs in the photo that Samson posted cannot take their eyes off the book’s pages. Or maybe they are also excited about receiving a specially dedicated copy.

Here is what Polly Samson said in the caption of her latest Instagram post:

“For those who’ve asked about getting dedicated copies of ‘A Theatre For Dreamers’ for gifts, I’m pleased to report that the wonderful Lutyens & Rubinstein Bookshop now have a webpage offering just that! Choose your dedication and order.

You can check out the photo that Polly Samson posted on her Instagram account below.