A Theater For Dreamers, Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson is quite active on social media. Today, Polly posted yet another photo on her verified Instagram page and showed off the astonishing frame of Romany Rose Gilmour.

You may check out the photo of Polly right below that her daughter looks really cool while posing with her Polly’s book and her body seems perfect while wearing a cute yellow bikini.

Here is what Polly wrote about the photo:

“Hugest thanks to Romany Rose for amazing vocals last night (despite that we sprang on her last minute) and also for agreeing to wear the despised itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow bikini for this pic.

The second pic is her with Charmian Clift’s bougainvillea outside The Australian House on Hydra, which will give a sense of how long the book took to write and research. Charmian Clift’s memoir, Peel Me A Lotus begins:

“Today, we bought the house by the well…”. It was published in 1959 and I was lucky enough to write some of my books there. #atheatrefordreamers #greece🇬🇷 🇬🇷”

An Instagram user named rita.rezende.59 commented on the post:

“Gorgeous Ro!Amazingly beautiful vocals last night! 👏👏👏”

Another follower of Polly named bayaan_moradi wrote this:

“I’m so glad that I watched your wonderful live last night. I got my book today by post and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you very much 🌹💐❤️”

You can check out the post below.