Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson posted new photos of her husband and their lovely granddaughter playing outside and revealed David’s recent outlook.

As you may know, the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour has been happily married to the author Polly Samson for 28 years. David and Polly have four lovely children, Charlie, Joe, Gabriel, and Romany.

David’s lovely wife Polly has an interest in photography, besides her successful career as a novelist. She often shares the moments of their lovely marriage on social media accounts.

Recently on Instagram, Polly posted pictures of her beloved husband David Gilmour playing with their granddaughter outside. As you will see in the photos below, David is having a great time playing with his granddaughter while walking in the shallow parts of a river.

Here’s how Polly Samson described her latest post:

Splish splosh.

Furthermore, known for his certain way of dressing, David Gilmour amazed fans with his outlook completed with a white fedora. In accordance with the occasion, David was also wearing black rain boots in harmony with his black t-shirt and black pants.

You can see the photos Polly Samson posted on her Instagram account below.

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Splish splosh

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