One of the greatest bands in the music history, Pink Floyd, has shared a picture on the official Twitter account and wanted an interesting request from the fans.

Pink Floyd has shared an article from at least fifty years ago and revealed that there is an error in this article. They stated that only a few of you can see this fault. We can give a clue about this but we don’t want to spoil; you should check out the pictures.

After sharing this post, most of the fans shared their reaction by replying to the tweet and left some interesting comments.

Here is what Pink Floyd wrote:

“The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted an error with the pictures! #PinkFloyd”

A fan named Alex Paterson said:

“But probably still more accurate than the journalism people read now.”

Another fan user named Grim added this comment:

“Syd was ‘the best looking of a rather ordinary bunch’? Ooof, they had no qualms about pulling punches back then did they.”

You can check the post below.