Roger Waters, widely known for being the co-founder, bassist, and lyricist of the iconic band Pink Floyd, shared a post on his official Twitter page and opened up about his opinions on police brutality and a movie about it titled ‘Ultraviolence.’

Two decades ago, a documentary filmmaker and political activist Ken Fero made a documentary named ‘Injustice.’ The film is about brutality in the police and a shocking expose of deaths resulting from beatings, shootings, teargassing, and neglect. It actually won numerous awards, yet it was never shown on tv and as good as destroyed Fero’s career.

Ken Fero is now back with a sequel documentary named ‘Ultraviolence.’ Like Injustice, it exposes the deaths in police custody. It follows the families who have lost loved ones and the audience witness the horror of their loss. Nearly all the victims are people of color, a reminder that racism unfortunately still exists.

Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter page and stated that staying silent while violence happening supports it and also quoted his own lyrics from the iconic Pink Floyd song ‘Hey You.’ Waters also shared an interview with Ken Fero which his friend made.

Here is what Waters said:

Ken Fero says it best in this excellent interview with my mate Frank. ‘Silence is violence’ Shout, scream, rage, claw their blinkers off, ‘Together we stand divided we fall’ love, R.”

You can see the Twitter post below.