Pink Floyd’s official Twitter account, which David Gilmour controls, recently shared a post to celebrate Roger Waters’ 78th birthday. The fans reacted to Waters’ low-quality photo in the comments section of the post.

As you may recall, the problems between two Pink Floyd legends Roger Waters and David Gilmour, started to rise once again after Waters shared his thoughts about Gilmour on Twitter. In his video, he targeted Gilmour because of not allowing him to have control over the band’s official websites and social media accounts.

In addition, Waters highlighted that Gilmour thinks that he owns Pink Floyd and he is Pink Floyd. He revealed that he can’t promote a Pink Floyd song’s new version on the official social media accounts but Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson shares updates about her novel all the time.

Therefore, the band’s Twitter account sharing Waters’ low-quality photo on his birthday, which was a screenshot from the video he targeted Gilmour, can be regarded as both mocking and friendly towards Waters. However, most fans defined it as disrespectful behavior, although he made great contributions to Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd’s tweet read:

“Happy 78th birthday to Roger Waters…”

A fan responded:

It is so pathetic to use a low-quality picture of Roger looking confused just because you all hold a grudge against him. Without this man, Pink Floyd would not be even half as successful as it is, and you can’t even wish him happy birthday in a proper way.”

Another fan added:

“I can’t believe Gilmour allowed this to be tweeted.”

Here’s what a follower wrote:

“Lol, this picture is from the video where he said I’d like to be on the Pink Floyd website and they are not letting me.”

Another follower’s tweet reads:

“This is a poor-quality screenshot from the recent video where Roger says his piece on recent Pink Floyd business practice.

Incredibly disrespectful by whoever runs this Pink Floyd Twitter account.”

You can see the tweets below.