One of the most legendary musicians of all time, David Gilmour was recently interviewed by The Lost Art Of Conversation and revealed which song convinced him that they can do even without Roger Waters.

David admitted that when the co-founder Roger left the band, he just started writing and hoped things to go well.

Here is what he told to The Last Arft Of Conversation:

“I had been working for some time in the studio on a number of songs But what was then going to happen was in the air for a long time while Roger decided whether he was going to fuck off into the ether what, and what we would then do.

I just start writing and hoping that things [would] progress into something.”

He continued and revealed how things went well for him and the band:

“It was an alarming time. It’s quite a big thing to carry on doing something like this. With Roger having gone, a big big part of it, obviously — a major talent and our primary lyricist.

So it’s difficult. … Not to dig up or cover too much ancient horrible territory, but we were in the middle of a major lawsuit, and between every little bit I was doing,

I was on the phone to lawyers, and that stuff was just eating away at me, us and our time.”

You can listen to the whole podcast below.

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