One of the most-anticipated fan pages on social media, ‘Stairway To Rock’ posted a new video on their Instagram page today and shared the recent video of Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour.

As you might check out the video of David below, he looks a little bit older but his performing of the legendary song ‘Breathe’ is still breathtaking at all.

Here is the caption of the post:

“David Gilmour performing Breathe! What is your favorite Pink Floyd track? Comment below…

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A user named alanna__regan commented on the post:

“The melodies are so unmistakably Pink Floyd. You just settle right in.”

Another follower, tg.284 wrote this as a comment:

“Awesome. He is Soooooooooo GREAT. AMAZING man, musician, guitarist, and artist.”

You may check out the video of David right below.