Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour’s wife and novelist, Polly Samson, shared a funny video of David from the ‘Von Trapped Family’ live sessions and made everybody smile with this video.

David was chilling with his guitar and singing a song to his family. After a while, they put a chick on his head while he was playing his guitar, and everybody started to laugh during this moment. In this way, David showed how he could deal with the pressure and created one of the funniest moments in his life.

This video watched over 30K times on Instagram, and most of the fans shared their reactions in the comment section.

Here is what Polly Samson wrote:

“Von Trapped Family… Rehearsals underway for tomorrow night’s Von Trapped Family livestream (not sure David Gilmour has ever strummed with a chick on his head before)”

A fan named Michael Torres said:

“We need more videos like this David playing guitar and everyone singing.”

Another fan named Kristine added this comment:

“Thank you for posting these family moments, especially for fans like me to watch. It’s truly a blessing. Like a private concert at my home. It is certainly gracious of you.”

You can check out the post below.