David Gilmour, the legendary guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Pink Floyd, has returned to Twitter after weeks with a quite unexpected post, criticizing the journalist who targeted Gilmour’s style with a nonsense claim.

The British legend, David Gilmour, has been a bit inactive social media user who usually employs these channels for announcements of his new music or to show his support on the projects organized by the people in his circle for the ones in need.

However, most recently, Gilmour has shown up on Twitter for a reason highly different than the usual ones. The legend has shared a screenshot of an article about his latest appearance with his granddaughter.

In the article, it was stated that Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson, has given an insight into David’s retirement lifestyle. In the pictures she posted, David Gilmour, who is known for his lavish outfits, wears a white fedora, it was said by the source.

Gilmour, by underlining the words ‘known for his lavish outfits,’ shared a collage made of the photos that capture his look, that is always quite simple and plain as opposed to what was said, throughout the years.

David Gilmour has drawn attention to the oppositeness between the truth and how it was represented with his praiseworthy reaction. The fans of the musician have also backed up him by saying Gilmour has probably worn three different-toned t-shirts in his whole life and they were all basic blackish shirts.

As you may remember, the successful author, Polly Samson, has recently come up on Instagram with lovely photos of Gilmour playing with his granddaughter. Samson has revealed a precious moment from her husband’s secluded life and proved that retirement goes really well for the family.

Here’s what David Gilmour said in his latest tweet:

“‘Known for his lavish outfits.'”

You can see the tweet below.