Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour had a recent interview with Guitar World and revealed if he wants to retire after selling his guitars on auction or not.

David also revealed that he feels that it’s a good time to raise some money.

Here is his statement:

“I still write stuff all the time, and there’s no statement of intention to retire. I’m just unburdening myself of a huge collection that at some point will have to go. This just felt like a good moment to raise some good, hard cash for people who need it.”

David also revealed the instruments that he will never sell:

“I’m keeping a lovely old Gibson steel guitar that has a really beefy sound. I’m holding onto a black Gretsch Duo Jet that I really love, along with a 1945 Martin D-18.”I also couldn’t bear to part with my ’55 Fender Esquire that I nicknamed ‘The Workmate.’

It’s the one you see on the cover of my [1984] ‘About Face’ album, and it was used on ‘Run Like Hell’ from [1979’s] ‘The Wall,‘ among other things.”

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