Pink Floyd’s legendary guitarist David Gilmour made a recent statement on his well-known The David Gilmour Podcast’s Acoustic Guitars Episode 2.

David revealed that he thinks his guitars potentially being bought by people who will never use them in their life and that makes him sad.


“Is it true that that guitar was stolen, but then returned back to you?”

David Gilmour:

“Yeah. I lived out in the countryside somewhere and I had a little studio room. My brother had a band; he was in there working, rehearsing with his band quite a bit, and these guitars were in that studio room.

One night, it got broken into and the guitars went, and it turned out to be one of the musicians who were in my brother’s band at the time. A temporary musician, very temporary in this case, half-inched them and taken them off.

They [the guitars] were put into a studio owned by someone [who] recognized the guitar and called us up and said, ‘There are some guitars here that might not belong to the person who brought them here.’

And we got most of them back. A couple I never got back, one of them was a three-pickup black Les Paul with humbuckers on it – and a Gibson TV, a Les Paul blonde thing, double cutaway, that I didn’t get back either.”


“Who do you think is going to buy these guitars?”

David Gilmour:

“I hope someone who genuinely wants to play them and have some fun with them, maybe creating something with them is going to buy them, but I don’t really believe that’s what’s going to happen.”

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