While Pink Floyd’s legendary co-lead vocalist David Gilmour is quite silent on social media for a while, his lovely wife Polly Samson keeps sending new materials from her personal life with Dave on her official Instagram account.

This time, Polly shared the recent issue of The Telegraph Magazine and revealed the article they’ve written about her and their trip to the idyllic island of Hydra in Greece.

Here is what Polly wrote about the article of Telegraph Magazine:

Written before actually going there became an impossibility but I suppose we can all still dream of our favorite places and Hydra is mine.

#ATheatreforDreamers #Hydra #greece🇬🇷”

A follower of Polly Samson named theartofaprilannaservices penned a long comment to Polly and David Gilmour:

“It’s driving me crazy this idea I want to tell you, David, Nick & Roger; I have had this idea since 2001 and I never wrote it in any of my proposals for my festival or anything else (it’s an adaptable idea, an idea that needed a method of delivery which was what the festival was but the idea could be adapted to being delivered in any way.

It could be done even now on its own as a stand-alone thing) (this separate to things like the stop-motion, my ideas for stop-motion I would love to do with all of you is simply art for art’s sake, a separate thing to this very important idea I must convey.)”

Another user named rubalcabajoe shared his appreciation:

“Thanks, Polly. Virtual/imaginative travel, is good for the spirit (and soul) at this moment.”

You may check out the post right below.