The legendary musician who joined Pink Floyd as a guitarist and vocalist in 1963, David Gilmour, is not a quite active social media personality at all. But his lovely wife Polly Samson is posting a new photo on her official Instagram page almost every day of the week.

Today, Polly shared yet another photo on her Instagram page, and she showed how her lovely daughter Romany Gilmour is drawing a picture on the wall with her foot.

Here is what Polly wrote on the caption of the photo:

Foot fetish.”

An Instagram user named road_to_rome_2019 made the most-liked comment:

“Better than me with my hands.”

Another user, connordarnbrough9231 wrote this as a comment:

“Can’t wait for the book, I’m getting tickets for Manchester tomorrow as I can’t wait to see you and David!”

You can check out the recent photo of Polly right below.

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Foot fetish

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