The official Twitter account of Pink Floyd has shared a really rare photo of the band, revealing the band’s first day as a professional.

In 1967, Pink Floyd signed for EMI and their professional life had started. In this picture, they were posing the camera behind the desk while the signing session continues.

After the fans saw this unique picture, they showed their reaction with over 800 retweets and 4.000 likes.

Here is what Pink Floyd wrote:

“On this day in 1967, Pink Floyd turned professional as they signed for EMI, with their first single (Arnold Layne, “the next projected sound of ’67”) released just over a month later.”

A fan named Lou Anne Ott replied:

“So fortunate for the rest if the world. Thanks for all the great music.”

Another fan named Pronit Roy Chowdhury replied:

“The day the world came back to life.”

You can check the tweet below.