The official and verified Twitter account of the legendary, Pink Floyd has shared another rare photo of their banner which was released in January 1967 via their social media account.

The photo was showing the banner of the Marquee Club in London. In the banner, you can see a lot of performances of too many artists and bands. You might easily notice that Pink Floyd had performed on 19th January 1967.

And also, they have continued to write about the late time of them and told what happened in the time when they published this banner.

You can read the story of the banner right below.

“The first of two #PinkFloyd gigs at London’s legendary Marquee Club in January 1967.

As 1967 began, the Floyd had already performed some eleven shows at the Marquee, so it would have been a very familiar venue to them.”

A user named Steve C. commented:

“I miss that happy sweatbox, it was a real club to live breathe & love live music.”

Another user named Jim Miller asked:

“Anybody notice The Herd on that schedule? They would’ve seen some kid named Frampton on guitar.”

You can see the tweet of Pink Floyd right below.