The official and verified Twitter page of Pink Floyd has revealed a rare concert ticket from their first ‘The Wall’ performance after 40 years.

If you look at the photo of their ticket, it is from 7 February 1980, and the show took place at the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles. You can easily notice that the ticket is also 15 dollars.

Here’s the statement:

“It’s 40 years since Pink Floyd first performed The Wall live! Were any of you fortunate enough to see this in 1980/81?

If you went to the first night (beset by a slight issue of a fire which caused a temporary halt to the show) chances are you had a ticket just like this.”

A Twitter user named thetimelordess commented and said this:

“Wow that doesnt feel like it should be 40 years ago”

Another fan named 1MoreTimeMusic wrote this:

“Sheesh, I think it costs $15 to go check a local band now!”

Check out the Twitter post below.