Pink Floyd legend Roger Water has shared a photo of himself on his official Instagram account and made a huge statement about Julian Assange, who is the founder of WikiLeaks.

As you might remember, Julian Assange leaked so many classified information about the United States on WikiLeaks and tomorrow, he will be on trial for publishing these reports to the public.

Yesterday, Roger has called everybody to join for a march for Julian Assange and walked on the front side to show how badly he wants a fair trial for him.

Here is what Roger Waters wrote:

“On the 22nd February, 2020, we are calling for a march for #JulianAssange from Australia House, Aldwych, to Parliament Square.

Assange’s full extradition trial begins the following Monday (24th). The Trump administration is seeking to put Assange in jail for 175 years for publishing the Afghan and Iraq War Logs.

We will assemble from 11:30 am, to leave Australia House at 12:30 pm.”

A fan named Sabine added this comment:

“Thank you for doing this. Australia doesn’t support our man. Never did. So ashamed 😔”

Another fan named James Southern said:

“Go Roger. A true hero in my eyes for fighting for these causes.”

You can check his post below.