In a recent interview with Brazilian newscast Jornal da Globo, Roger Waters talked about various issues including the long-standing object of curiosity about Pink Floyd, which is the continuous fight between the band members.

For some time now, the tension, especially between David Gilmour and Roger Waters, has been gradually increasing. With the eruption of the lawsuit, in which Waters sued the group, Pink Floyd fans became extremely curious about the feud. Many people have seen that the good days of the band, and it seemed to be left in the distant past.

The co-founder of the band, Roger Waters became the one with a new interview to clarify the controversial case of Pink Floyd. He split the two members in a sharp way and said that he cannot compare the drummer Nick Mason with David Gilmour because Mason is his friend.

Here is what he said about Nick, and David Gilmour indirectly:

“You can’t throw these two in the same bag, at least for me, because Nick is my friend. There is also this thing that I went to court against them, but I never got close to a court.

I just went to get legal advice. To find out if I could retire the name of the band and they told me categorically that no. And then I said I don’t want the name, I’m not Pink Floyd.”

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