Pink Floyd bassist and singer Roger Waters spoke in the recent interview with The Austin Chronicle and talked about the current state of the world these days.

As we all know, Roger Waters is an activist and talking too much over the political problems and global issues via his official social media accounts. On the other hand, he is always sharing his opinion on this kind of stuff if he had a chance for talking in an interview.

In the recent conversation with The Austin Chronicle, Roger paid attention to the people who are living in the Middle East and claimed that he’s trying to save the world these days.

Austin Chronicle asked:

“What’s on your mind these days, sir?”

Roger Waters replied:

“Just trying to save the world, man.”

Austin Chronicle asked:

“How’s that going?”

Roger Waters said:

“You know, I dunno. I think we make baby steps forward and then some asshole makes huge steps backward, and you have to start crawling forward again.

The world is divided into people who actually are interested in, I dunno, the planet, human rights, love, daylight, sunshine, butterflies – all that shit – and people who don’t give a fuck about any of it. They’re only interested in other things, like ruling the world or…”

Austin Chronicle asked:

“There’s all this smoke and fire about your support for the BDS, the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.”

Roger Waters replied:

“I’ve been actively involved in BDS for about 15 years now, and it’s occurring to more and more and more people as the years go by that the attacks on me and others that support basic human rights for the people of Palestine are increasingly viewed through exactly what you just described a smokescreen.

When somebody criticizes the Israeli government, if they call them an anti-Semite loudly enough and long enough, it may just divert people from paying attention to the fact that that person you’re calling an anti-Semite is almost certainly an advocate of basic human rights for all our brothers and sisters all over the world irrespective of their religion, or color, or nationality, or anything else.”

Roger Waters continued:

“They don’t want us to focus on that, which is what I focus on. My whole platform is tiny. If I wrote it on a postcard and stood on it, I would say this is my platform: Do you or do you not subscribe to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from Paris in 1948?

Interestingly enough, that’s the same year as the Nakba and the same year as the settler colonial Zionist movement started in Palestine. Because if you do, the question is entirely black and white. There are no gray areas. Either you believe in that and that’s the foundation of where you stand, or you don’t.”

He added:

“You know what I was so happy about today? John Legend, finally in an interview with someone, came out. He didn’t say, ‘I’m joining BDS,’ but he did say, ‘Palestinians should have human rights too.’ And that’s amazing because there’s not many of us in this industry that are prepared to even go that far.”

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