Roger Waters, the co-founder and former vocalist of Pink Floyd, has stood against the injustice towards the refugees all around the world while displaying his support to the ‘Justice For Mawda‘ campaign with a video in which he asked people to don’t sweep Mawda’s death under the rug.

The legendary British composer and pretty outstanding figure in the music industry through his strong stance against the global political and social injustices, Roger Waters, has remarked on the highly important fact of refugees on his latest video statement on Twitter.

Waters, who drew attention to the freedom of Steven Donziger act in the previous days, recorded a video to explain the tragic death of the little refugee girl, Mawda, to the people of Belgium.

In his long message, the musician talked about the heartbreaking incident that on the night of 16-17 May 2018, Mawda, a two-year-old girl, was shot dead by a police officer on the highway near Mons in a minibus she was fleeing all the violence at home with her Kurdish family to a safe country.

Roger Waters concluded his words by asking all the people who live in Belgium to make a fuss about this awful situation. He said to the people to go down there and do not let the authorities sweep the death of this child under a rag.

Here’s what Roger Waters said in his video message:

“This is a message from Roger Waters to the people of Belgium. Couple of years ago, Mawda was two years old. She’s the child of a family of Iraqi Kurds fleeing war-torn Iraq to seek a new life elsewhere in Europe.

And then in a van going through Belgium and the cops start chasing them for whatever reason. And they were flying along a motorway, like I don’t know, 90 miles an hour or something or less.

And a cop pulls alongside and fires his gun, a pistol or a rifle, we don’t know or I don’t know, into this van, and it’s full of refugees and the cop shoots a two-year-old child, Mawda was her name, in the side of her head and kills her.

So there’s going to be a hearing about this in Belgium on the 23rd and 24th of November this year. Make a fuss, please. Go down there, I don’t know if it’s in a courtroom or hearing, go down there and make a fuss.

Do not let them sweep the death of this child under a rug. OK? It’s not her fault that she was born in a country ravaged by war. That’s kind of all if have to say on the subject of Mawda. My heart breaks for her and for her family. We can do this.”

Waters also said in the caption of his video:

Don’t sweep Mawda’s death under the rug, just because she’s a refugee, there’s no justice in that, every life matters. Justice For Mawda.”

You can see the tweet below.