Pink Floyd bassist and founding member, Roger Waters has posted a new video message on his Facebook to reveal his thoughts on protestors of Chile against the Pinera presidency.

Here’s what he told about that:

“This is shocking. It is shocking beyond all belief that a government would do this to its people because the people that they are doing it to are the huge majority of people in Chile who are sick of the inequality between the ruling class and the super-rich and how most of them live.

Most people have seen their pension shrink and so on and so forth. The upgrade and increase in subway charges which was the start to these protest is a drop in the bucket and is not the actual, real reason why two million Chilean people will take to the streets in protest and be there with their pots and pans, singing the songs of Victor Jara and others.

I’m sure there are a lot of contemporary protest songs as well that people are picking up on.”

A fan named Kenny wrote a comment about that video, and got a lot of like from the users. Here’s what he wrote:

“God Roger you have such a wonderful heart!!!!!! We the people of the United States here are praying for you now at Chile! I didn’t know about this until roger put this post up. Keep your heads up ,keep up the great fight!

Thank you Roger Waters for all that you do! Your heart is in the right place! You are a very caring who,loves people and wants them to be fairly treated. “

Click here for source of the statement (Alternative Nation). You can also watch the entire video below.



Gepostet von Roger Waters am Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2019