Roger Waters, the co-founder and former bassist of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd, has compared the anti-war movements in the United States and the UK while arguing about the citizens’ awareness of what their government is doing.

During his recent chat on Rolling Stone’s Useful Idiots podcast, the British legend, Roger Waters, who is famous for his activist identity, targeted the government of the US, stating that America is not actually a democracy.

Waters lumped the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, and the 41st president of the United States, George W. Bush, together while criticizing their policies. He said that these two didn’t care about what the citizens think and the people who stood against them by pouring out into the streets were all right.

The legend went on to critique the wrong polity and the corrupted mechanism of the US by claiming that the supreme court is terrible at deciding what’s right and what’s wrong. He implied that he hopes the people in the United States of America will eventually catch onto the truth that the country is not being organized for their benefit.

Moreover, Waters brought the poverty in the US to light while indicating the fact that the people can work at full-time jobs, sometimes two full-time jobs, and still be living out of the trunk of an old car that they can’t afford to get fixed.

Here’s what Roger Waters said when asked to compare the UK with the US:

“What is interesting is that the Cabal, the United States, UK, France, whoever, the whole of Australia, Canada…

You always have to include them because they’re extremely culpable, have such a tight grip on the policy that when the man in the street says, as demonstrated on February the 14th or whichever day it was 2003.

There can be 30 million of us in the streets all over the world explaining to these fuckers that what they’re doing is criminal and insane and morally corrupt and completely wrong and can do nothing but incalculable harm for years and years and years to come.

Bush and Tony Blair and all the others went, ‘Fuck you, we don’t care what you think. We couldn’t give two ticks for what you think.’ Turns out you were right, you were completely right, all those millions and millions of people in the streets.

And what a sight, not that I was there in any of these cities, I was probably on the road doing something useful, but it happened, and there’s an example for everyone to see – they were right, you were wrong.”

He continued:

“The many got it completely right; you, the very few rich bastards who tell everybody what to do, got it completely wrong.

They would sit and look at me and say, ‘No, we didn’t, we made fortunes. We got it exactly right. We’re making fortunes now, we don’t give a shit about the pandemic or a few people dying, kill ’em all as long as we’re lining up pockets, that’s all we care about.’

And it is the weird thing – they somehow keep this because they’re so good at propaganda. They keep it from the ‘voters.’ As we all know, America is not actually a democracy. The electoral system, apart from anything else, made certain of that.”

Waters criticized the supreme court of the US by saying:

“In the last few years anyway, Citizens United was the final nail in the coffin, and now there’s a majority in the supreme court, you’re gonna see a lot more of that, of them deciding what the law is and telling everybody else.

‘Oh, we’ll send it to the supreme court, they’re bloody good at deciding what’s right and what’s wrong.’ No, they’re not, they’re terrible at it.

Who knows whether the United States of America – the people – will eventually catch onto the truth that the country is not being organized for their benefit. They have no health service, they have virtually no welfare, they live in poverty…

People can work at full-time jobs – sometimes two full-time jobs – and still be living out of the trunk of an old car that they can’t afford to get fixed. It’s incredible, in the richest country.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.