In a recent post on Twitter, Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters showed his reaction about seeing one of his favorite radio shows getting shut down.

Recently, famous radio station WBAI decided to shut down Randy Credico’s loved program, Assange: Countdown to Freedom, for defending Australian editor Julian Assange who founded WikiLeaks.

As this news was shocking to many other people, they started a petition online to show their frustration about this decision. But they are not the only ones who got furious about it. Roger Waters also showed his reactions on social media.

In the tweet, Waters wanted WBAI to bring back ‘Assange: Countdown to Freedom’ immediately and stood against the injustice once again as he did in his whole career. In this way, he earned the respect of the community once again.

Roger Waters wrote:

“WBAI, Are you effing kidding me? Reinstate Randy Credico essential program now! Love R.”

You can check out the post below.