Roger Waters, the bassist, and co-founder of the legendary band Pink Floyd, shared a post on his official Twitter page about John Pilger‘s, a journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker, appearance on an episode of Going Underground.

Julian Assange, an activist who founded WikiLeaks which came to international attention in 2010 when it published a series of leaks provided by the U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning is now being held at the Old Bailey in London.

John Pilger, one of the best journalists in the world, was a guest in one of the episodes of Going Underground in order to discuss Assange‘s situation. Since Julian Assange uncovered the war crimes and many footages should have been buried, according to Pilger, he is the one being held rather than those who committed those actions.

Here is what Pilger said about Assange:

“He gave us too much truth. He made those who committed this war crimes a force to look at the mirror. That’s his unforgivable crime.”

Roger Waters shared a post about this interview on his official Twitter page and stated that this whole incident is a shame. He also called Assange‘s situation an extrajudicial killing since Assange has been incarcerated for ten years now.

Here is what Waters said:

“A note from Roger:

What a shame!

Those were John Pilger’s last words talking about the ‘Extra Judicial Killing’ (my words) of Julian Assange that has been taking place at The Old Bailey in London this week. John was talking to Afshin Ratanzi on RT’s Going Underground. After John’s dignified last words on the subject, in wrapping up, Afshin says “If anyone’s been disturbed by these issues………”

Yes Afshin, I fucking have. The fact that this case has even been allowed to start shows that Her Majesty’s Government has abrogated its duty to the British people to uphold the Law. The puppet magistrate Barraitser is facilitating the killing of an innocent man for publishing the inconvenient truth that the USA commits war crimes.

You can see the Twitter post below.