Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters has shared a new video on his official Twitter account and announces his new project for the followers and fans.

As you can listen to the song below, Roger Waters re-recorded Victor Jara’s ‘The Right to Live in Peace’ song and give another peace message to the world. Also, Roger showed how kind-hearted person he is with this cover.

However, Roger seemed detuned lots of times while singing this song and surprised the fans with these unexpected mistakes.

Roger’s tweet got over 500 retweets and over 1K likes less than three hours. Furthermore, most of the fans shared their reaction by replying to the tweet.

Here is what Roger Waters said:

“I’ve re-recorded Victor Jara’s great song “The Right to Live in Peace”. This is for the people of Santiago & Quito & Jaffa & Rio & La Paz & New York & Baghdad & Budapest and everywhere else the man means us harm. Love R.”

A fan named Rita added this comment:

“Thank you so much! Love from Brazil.”

Another fan named Ceci replied:

“What a great performance of that wonderful song. Here in Chile, that song is a hymn for human rights respect. Love you, Roger Waters.”

You can check his tweet and watch the video below.